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Updated: Jun 29

Catching up with my Dad on an Anime Show //

Ever since I was little, I have watched shows, movies, and cartoons with my family, especially with my pops. We would watch most shows that didn't cater to my mother's or sister's appetite. We made it an unspoken tradition to nerd about the next upcoming show and watched it together. However, recently there has been some betrayal of that rule, and I am not excluded. Our family is in ruins because of how much we watch without each other, and our disinterest in watching media together soon dwindled. But that ends here, today. I am binge watching an old classic anime that you may know as Attack on Titan. First off, I would like to say revisiting this anime has been great because I was like 12 when I first watched it, and now as a 21 (almost 22) year-old guy, I really enjoy it more. My old man recently purchased a subscription to Crunchy Roll (because we started watching Blue Lock together and such but that doesn't matter in this story), and has a hunger for more consumption of anime. He saw his chance to watch Attack on Titan and binge watched the show without me knowing. By the time he told me, he was already 30 episodes in. I didn't want to be left behind in the enjoyment of new experiences from both of our eyes. I want the glory days of us goofballs nerding out to some anime dude doing some cool stuff right in front of us for the first time. I want to watch this crap with somebody! So as of today and the next, I am pulling an all-nighter to catch up and watch anime with my daddy! Plus, this is definitely an excuse for not writing for today and tomorrow.

Thanks for reading my first post on my website.

See you later in the next post!

- Toothpick

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