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Post 15

A Few Months Later //

Hello there, it's been a while. Since February, up until now, a lot has changed, so much so that I feel like a completely different person. It has been a long and painful few months, but I pushed through it and found a more positive mindset after it. Life is tough, and I only just started it, but I will continue to do my best because that is all I can do.

Here are some quick highlights of what I did these few months I was gone:

  • I partied with the family, celebrating birthdays and going to different places.

  • I found an awesome D&D group that I play with weekly.

  • I got accepted into the technician apprenticeship program and started working in the technician field around August.

  • Writing has been a sporadic routine, but I have gotten into a better grove, and now I am writing more.

  • I am taking things slower in life, and I am just enjoying every step along the way.

Work has been taking most of my time (including school soon), and I will only get a sliver of writing time. However, even though I don't have much time to write, I've used that precious time to write a lot. Which is weird, but I started to enjoy writing in these small hours. Plus, with my more positive mindset, I have been super motivated to write now.

As of now, I have two main projects I am working on:

  • Small Guns Rampage (a story)

  • Wasteland's Drools (a campaign)

Small Guns Rampage is a high-action fantasy story based on a hardcore MMO game. Read as a gunslinging ratfolk takes revenge on the deadliest clan in the game alongside a megalomaniac elf who wants to become a god.

Wasteland's Drools is an open-world campaign set in the psychotic and dry world of the Waste. Secrets are lost in the sands, a bunch of weirdos taking shrooms, and many adventures to be had. Just don't forget to drink some water.

For Wasteland's Drools, I am stepping away from making a campaign my friends would have played in. With how much of our time is filled up with work and other things in life, it would be too stressful to manage. So, from here on out, I am making this game for the RPG (mostly the P2e) community.

You might have already noticed, but I have recently updated the website. This site is meant to be a Homebase for my fans and a place for artists to get some ideas and new inspirations. I want this site to be fun, and I will keep updating it to make it fun.

Here are some of the new stuff I added to the website:

+ A few sentences on the homepage (to make it more welcoming).

+ A chat bubble on the bottom right corner.

+ An image of my hand on the Bio page.

+ More info pages for individual projects.

+ A Characters page (nothing in there yet).

+ A Favorites page (not much in there yet).

+ Finally fixing the freakin phone homepage issue!!!

+ Some blog post categories.

+ A Contact page.

Some website pages I want to focus on are the Characters page and the Favorite page:

For the Characters page, I want to share some character ideas for you to use. Most of the characters I have made are mostly used to play in RPG games, but I might branch out to write detailed characters for any form of media.

For the Favorites page, I want to spotlight all the inspirations I have gathered over my life. I would also like to showcase more than well-known artists. My biggest goal with this is to build a community that celebrates not only the biggest but also the smallest artists.

I am going to start up the blog posts again but keep them monthly rather than weekly or daily. Next month's post won't be as full as this one. I had a lot of news to share since I have been gone.

I will also stop using Trello as a platform for project updates. Most of the updates will be on this website, and I will do my best to keep up with updating you guys. You can find Trello and the other old platforms I used on the Contact page if you want to check them out. If you have any questions, comments, or just want to ramble to me, you can give me a chat using the bottom right corner chat bubble.

Other than that, I feel like these few months have been one big chapter that has finally ended. Here is to the next chapter for new beginnings, new opportunities, and good fortune. Till the next post, see yuh.


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