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Post 16

Late Post //

Hey there, sorry for the late post. My internet and computer died. But don’t worry, I didn’t die. Anyway, since the last post, a lot has happened. Who knew so many things could happen in a month? October is usually the busy month because of the many parties/birthdays my family and I throw. That was another reason why this post took so long. So, for future Octobers, expect a delay in posts from me. With work, I am doing good; it has been busy and tiring, though. I am learning a lot in the LE trade. It has been getting a little easier, so I have been able to keep up a little bit with the other workers, and I also have been doing well in trade school.

I did have a nasty case of writer’s block, so much so that I was forcing myself to write just to get somewhere with my stories, and they weren’t good places. So, I took a week and a half break from writing until I had a better mindset. My goal was to enjoy writing again. I felt like I lost what I liked so much about writing. There is so much I want with writing that I think I force myself into trying to be something for someone. It’s vague and weird, but I feel like I am trying to get something out of it. It almost feels paradoxical when someone asks me what I want from writing. On one hand, I want to share my writing with people to become known and heard. On the other hand, I want to share whatever, without any care to what people think. But when I keep repeating that question of ‘why,’ I just dig and dig and dig and dig until I get no answer. I have dug the last sense of my mind, and I am left with the wandering thoughts of a man who once was… I really don’t know what I am getting out of writing— Hell! I don’t know what I am getting out of life. I just have destinations, and that’s it. I know for sure I want to learn a trade that will make me good money, and I know I want to write to share my stories. That is for sure, and I am sticking with that. I just have to stay positive and keep on keeping on.

Here is a whiplash of quick updates on the website:

  • Every so often, I will be posting drafts of my stories.

  • I took down the Character and Favorite page to keep things simple for me since I don’t have a lot of time to work on the website and my hobby.

  • There are more categories on the Blog that I will be using soon.

  • I am shelving the Wasteland Drool campaign so I can focus on one project at a time.

(I will be posting more website updates in the Updates category on the Blog page)

I was working on Small Guns Rampage, but then I got distracted with other stories. I haven’t found a story that I could just sink into and write and draft and stuff. Maybe it is because I am lazy… Honestly, it could be, but it could be many other things too. Whatever the reason, I want to work on my stories. I want to focus on one story: draft, refine, finalize, and post. I want to post some good stories that I have in my dusty old closet. It is a lot of wants, but I know I could do it. I just have to get writing. So with that said, I am still working towards making Small Guns Rampage. Expect some updates soon.

Other than that, hopefully, you had a filling month just like me. Just don’t get too buried in your mind. Some things are more simple than we really think. Why do I like to write? It is because I love to tell stories: my stories and people’s stories. I do this because I love creating things, and there is nothing wrong with it. I don’t have to be anyone but me. Just be you. That is enough

I hope you guys have a great day.

See you,


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