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Post 17

Updated: Jun 29

Hey there, sorry for being late; life has gotten busier each day. There have been a lot of things in the website I added— and then immediately deleted because it was getting too much for me to handle. I wanted to add some cool stuff to the site, but as I started noticing how late I got with these blog posts and updates, I questioned whether it was good to add more when I didn't have a solid foundation. Heck! I don't even have a solid fanbase. For all I know, I'm just a craze/lonely man throwing words into the sea of the internet, hoping for a nibble. I've been putting a lot on my plate for nothing right now, and I want to make this site, this hobby, more manageable. So, I am cutting out a lot of things to make it easier to work on my blog and my stories. I am making the blog smaller so I can make it easier for me to manage it. I will try— no promises— to focus on one story so I CAN FRE-CKIN POST ONE! I need to post something bad. I need the world to see the crap I make in the back/nasty corner of my room. Please, God! Anyway, expect some small website and story updates pretty soon. Hopefully, I can post a crumb of a story on this website. I got stuff; I just need to refine it and post it.

Till then,

See yuh,


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