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Post 19

Updated: Mar 30

Hi there, it’s been a very, very long three months, and it’s good to write here again. I have some homework to finish up today, so I will keep this post short. Plus, I don’t want to waste your time trying to fit most of my experience from the past three months into this post. Work has been good, school has been good, family is happy, and life has been great. I haven’t worked on my writing pieces or projects lately because work, school, family, and life have been getting busier. As I get further into life, I notice the less time I have for myself, which is not all that bad when the other moments are filled with good things. Currently, I am in the brainstorming process of a short story called Waste of Time (placeholder name) and a campaign that I want to run for my friends called The Slayers Campaign (placeholder name, but I do like it). I’ll give more details of the projects when I can, but that is what I am working on. I hope I didn’t keep you waiting too long for a post; I know how needy you are to hear from me. Anyway, have a good day, wherever you are, and I will write again soon.

-Toothpick Writer

P.S. I am going to do these blogs Biweekly now. I’ll post again in two weeks. See yuh later.

Created: January 7, 2024

Posted: March 2, 2024

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