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Post 20

Updated: Mar 30

Yo Low, how is it going? I hope you guys are doing well. My week has been pretty good. I’ve been pulling a lot of cables at my job. Fun times :). But besides the busy work, I have been writing a little for the (placeholder name) Waste of Time story. I’m taking a lot of stuff that would make the story too long and complex. For most of my stories, I want to make them pretty short. Like if I can write a couple of chapters, maybe 7 or 8, I’d be good. As for the campaign game, I haven’t worked much on that. I did come up with a couple of notes in my head, but nothing too crazy to put down. I’ll be working on the campaign game once it gets close to the summer and my boys have some extra free time. Other than that, that is pretty much all that happened these two weeks. Work, school, life, and sprinkle in some hobbies, too.

See yuh later,

-Toothpick Writer

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