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Updated: Nov 11

Preparing to go into a Career //

Hey there, I am still trying to make this a daily thing even though I'm doing this at the last minute at around 10:30 pm, and I haven't written anything other than outline notes… Oh well!

If I have been slow on my projects, that's because I'm trying to apply to go into trade school. I need to prepare to take a test around March, so I am trying to put most of my time into it. I say "try" because I am having a bit of stress trying to put my mind to it. I get anxious when a test comes my way because I feel like I will fail. High school was an immense stress in my life when it came to learning stuff and taking tests —especially when you are compared to how your grades were— but blaming it will not help me move forward. I need to find a way out of that mindset. Basic solution: Take the prep course. Easy. Done. But everything is easier said than done... Anywho, I plan to get into the trade school to get some moolah rolling in and use all the dope cash to fund my projects in the future. Maybe I can use it to start my studio too… But that's future me's worries to deal with.

I hope everything is going well with everyone. I shoveled 8 - 10 inches of snow today, and I am beat! I might stay up a little bit to either work on my P2e campaign or watch some gobbies from Goblin of Io. I just watched the part where they performed a circus in a town at Dittberg (Dickberg), and it was hilarious!

Anyways, see you next time!

- Toothpick

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