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Updated: Nov 11

I just Woke Up //

I slept around 12 am and woke up around 12 pm, and I still feel crusty. I spent an hour eating and cleaning my glasses with a thumbtack, scarping all the gunk; the cheese pizza was good, though. As I was eating my pizza, I came up with an idea in my head for a short story that kind of makes fun of isekai animes, almost like Konosuba but more existential. I also came up with a name for it (that might be subject to change): Oh no! I've been turned into an Ant?! In a Different World!… Wait— Is that a Shoe!? Let me know what you guys think about this title. I think it's perfect!

Anyways, nothing new yet. I tried making a faction chart for my campaign inspired by this guy (he makes some good worldbuilding videos, and I also love his drawings): Worldbuilding | Fix Your Factions. I wanted to copy what he does and draw it out, but I would need to spend some time drawing because I am still in the stick figure stage. So, I might stick to what to know, and I will write it out. Yeah, that way, it saves me time. One day, I'll draw it out, but not today. I'll need to look up classes on how to draw cartoons/things.

Other than that, I hope you peeps are doing well wherever you are. I'll be leaving to work in 2 more hours, so I'll work on what I can for my projects.

See you later.

- Toothpick

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