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Updated: Nov 11, 2023

Four Days Since Last Post //

Typing this up at 12, and I feel so tired. Not because I worked hard but because I didn't want to type anything. I got to write this stuff from scratch using a few notes I wrote over the three days…

So instead, I started to chop my nails and put away my clothes to distract myself from typing this...

God! Putting myself in focus mode is pretty rough. I can get started and do fine for a few hours. But then, I just get lost in something else and find myself putting the tasks I want to do away in a pile of things to do later —which could be possibly forgotten. But I won't give up, and I will find my grove.

Anyways, This is a "quick" recap of what has been going on the last four days (To sum It up in one sentence: I did a little bit, but that's it.):

January 27, 2023 - I stayed up watching some YouTube videos —mostly random videos, as per usual of my procrastination brain. I stayed up till 7 am but couldn't go to bed until around 9 am because I was thinking about the Wastelands Drool campaign (the Pathfinder 2e adventure I am making for my friends).

Brain Note: Now that I am thinking about it, I should ask if they are interested in playing this game before throwing them into it.

I was writing notes and sketching around 2:30 pm when I woke up, but I could only get so much worldbuilding in 30 minutes because I needed to get ready for work. I'm thinking about re-subscribing to my World Anvil account and maybe posting some of the worlds online. And lastly, I sent a link to my website to a coworker buddy and found out the front page was glitched. Hopefully, future me fixed it.

January 28, 2023 - I couldn't write anything on this day because I was helping my dad put up ceiling drywall, which is a two-player task. Nothing else happened on that day.

January 29, 2023 - I spent another day binge-gaming my favorite PS2 game, Ratchet and Clank Going Commando. I actually had to wait two days for the PS2 to be unfrozen because my pops told me that there was condensation inside the device, and if I were to turn it on, it would probably explode like a lego building. It was amazing setting up this old device (old for me, guys. Come on, give me a break, we didn't have a PS5 back in my days) and just being in the seat of my kid self, but playing as an adult. Things were just simpler back then. And! Also, Ratchet and Clank Going Commando slaps! I dare you to talk badly about it. No game can compare to the greatness of this game. Okay. That's my opinion. I just really love this game and its atmosphere. It's the reason I started making the Pathfinder campaign. Off of one of its songs: Ratchet and Clank 2 (Going Commando) OST - Tabora - Mining Area, I wrote most of my notes based entirely on this song.

I had everything I needed to play the game, but I didn't have anything to save the game. Most of the day was spent searching for a damn memory chip! My dad and I searched everywhere, and still, with our combined effort, we couldn't find it. So we caved in to buy one. I went to a Hibachi place with some friends, went to work afterward (I didn't drink, but I'll explain more because there is more to that particular part of my day), returned home, and found a memory disk on top of my PlayStation. My pops got a great deal for same-day shipping. He also told me he wanted me to plug it in because he doesn't know if it is formatted. So it was going to be a 50 - 50 chance of it not working, and it could possibly ruin my 2 hours' worth of gameplay. I searched online, sweating bullets down my face. Would it ruin my save, I thought to myself. I found a GameFAQs post asking the same question. Lo and behold, a man with an answer:

"Sure, you can swap memory cards while playing with no issues. Just be sure not to swap them while the console is in the midst of saving or loading from them." - Kelayr.

What a godsend. I followed his gospel straight to the T, and I was able to save my game. Thank you, random guy from GameFAQs; you saved a 21 year old boomer from having to restart his favorite game again.

So, about the 'didn't drink' bit, I didn't drink anything because I had a three-hour shift at work this day. I tried to call off from work early in the morning, but they never gave me a straight answer and told me they would call back. I went to the restaurant with my pals, ate some good pork Gyoza and fried rice, didn't drink the desirable and elegantly purple Moodswing beverage (that everyone drank), and went to work (also, they took a picture without me, and I am kind of jelly). The workday was quiet and quick. All I did was clean up the store, and that was it. However, one of my coworker buddies noticed that I was crossed off the schedule. I thought the managers might have labeled me in the wrong job because sometimes they put me on Front-end when I needed to be put on Digital. But I couldn't find another spot I was on. I wasn't in Merchandising, Front-end, or Sales. I was crossed off on Digital. That means I shouldn't be there. That means I could have had the day off. That means I could have drank the damn Moodswing!!! I was utterly defeated. I texted the group chat to share my defeat with them, but it wouldn't heal the massive hole where the Moodswing should have been. The worst part was that I never got a text or a call back from the store whenever they decided to cross me out. It really sucked, but then I returned home, ate some chili that my mom made, and drank some Dragon's Milk White, so I am happy boy again.

January 30, 2023 - Wow. I didn't think I would write this much, but here It is. I'm typing away like a madman at 1 am (now 2 cause of editing (and now 2:30 because I'm posting)). Sadly out of all of this, I have not worked on anything related to the trade test. I need to study for the test and get into the apprenticeship. I'll start tomorrow --I can't promise anything, but I can certainly try.

See you later,

- Toothpick

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