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Post 6

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

Started Studying //

Unlike yesterday, when I woke up crusty and around when I had to work, I woke up earlier (7 am --that's pretty early for me) and better today. It's all thanks to modern medicine —sleep aids are the best for acute insomniacs like myself.

Anyways, I got some studying in for the apprenticeship test. Finally, I started it, so I could at least be a little prepared for the test. Hopefully, I can keep on studying and don't get distracted easily. I did play some video games (specifically State of Decay 2 —good time killer game) while taking a break from studying basic arithmetic math. Other than that, not much else is happening.

I'll be busy studying for the test because I got till February 19th to be prepared, so I'm going to pause the project I am working on now. I also got other things I'm doing, like looking for a new side job, finding a therapist, and... other stuff (I feel like I already talked about this in a previous post). Sorry, you got to wait, but I am only one dude trying to figure out how to live life independently, but right now, I am living it lazily.

Till next time,

- Toothpick

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