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Updated: Nov 11

Quick blog post before it’s tomorrow //

Hey there, I’m writing this post around 11:17 pm (editing at 11:22 pm (and posting at 11:28 pm)), so I’m going to try and make this a quick one.

My sleep was good; I slept around 11 hours and woke up at 11. But I didn’t do much today; I mostly lazed around and played State of Decay 2. That means no progress on the studying nor project.

Work was SSDD, and I was also tired.

I did create two short story ideas while I was at work. I wish I could make them faster because I want to share them. Maybe I should find a way to post the ideas and share the process, or maybe I should heavily focus on one until finished and then post it. They are only like three pages long, tops.

But other than that, nothing much is going on. My birthday is in 3 more days, and I am excited about that —I’m going to be 22 and get wasted at an arcade bar!

Anyways, till next time,

- Toothpick

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