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Update 11

Hey there, I am making a new page called Extras for the website. The Extras page will showcase all the notes, outlines, and drafts I made to make the final draft of a story. I will post what I put into and cut out in the story. I am making this page because my days have been getting busier, and there is no time to write a big story right now. I have many ideas I want to share, and hopefully, someone gets inspired to make their own spin on my ideas. With that said, I have a lot of notes. From the time I was in middle school till now, I have over a ton load of notes. But my problem is that all of my notes are disorganized and written down on different things. Most are on paper, and some are on different apps other than Google Docs. I want to post Blue Moon as the first story within Extras, but the notes are everywhere, and honestly, I don’t even remember when I created the idea. I thought it was October of 2023, but I’m thinking I had this idea since the beginning of 2022. But anyway, the page is still a work in progress. There will be more other stuff than the commentary and creation of my stories— like scrapped stories or story ideas. I will give you guys more updates when I get the time. Stay fresh.



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