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Update 3

Updated: Jan 27

Here is my first project update post! You can also find project updates in the sub-project pages under the—you guessed it— Project page.

Update for Past Echoes (originally posted on 9/17/23) - This story is now free on Tapas! I think this story needs more spotlight because it goes into a lot of how I used to look at myself as a writer/person. Though, If you are still looking for a nice physical book to read, I still have the book on Lulu. Every cent is appreciated, and thank you.

Update for Wasteland’s Drool - I am putting a pause on this for now because I want to focus more on my writing stories than trying to make a game. Making the setting was fun, but it is also time consuming and that’s just prepping a world for my player; I haven’t even played in it yet. So, hopefully, when I am feeling the craving to make a game, I might jump back onto this. I’ll probably post some stuff I made in the Draft category of my Blog soon.

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