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Update 7

Updated: Jan 27

The story I’ve been focusing on:

  1. Waste of Time

Stories I'm interested in working on next:

  1. Blue Moon

  2. Dine Royal or Royally Die

  3. World of Nonsense

  4. The Dream

  5. This is Awkward


  1. Lisa: The Powerful

  2. Weirdos

  3. Touch Grass

  4. Small Guns Rampage

  5. Kingdom of Ruin

  6. Box Cutter

  7. Snapshot Mirror

  8. I.C.U.

  9. Hopeless and Unlikely

  10. Everything is going to be fine

  11. A Spartan named G

  12. The Greatest Journalist/Detective and His Colorful Sidekick Duck

  13. Office Mania

Other projects

  • Wasteland's Drools (Campaign)

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