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Update 8

Updated: Jan 27

There hasn’t been much focus on the phone version of the website; it’s really messy. I’ll do my best to fix it when I have some time, but no promises.

Also, you may have noticed that the website theme is different. That is because I was messing around with the website theme and couldn’t return it to how it looked before. But it was no biggie; I was looking to change it anyway. Though it was annoying, I am still peeved that there wasn’t a way to go back to the theme I had previously.

Some things I have added:

  • Link to the Discord server I am on.

  • My Discord username is on the Contact page.

  • A go-back button to the Sub-Project pages.

Some things I took out:

  • The update tags on the blog (but the tags are still in the posts— you have to click on the post to see it).

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