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Update 1

Updated: Nov 11

Website's Frontpage Issue //

Okay, so I figured out that the mobile site of the front page is buggy but not the desktop. It makes sense to me because I might have screwed some things up while trying to edit the front page. For a while, my front page's SEO was labeled Home | Rei Hiromi. That's because I used a template to make my website. I know, it's disappointing to hear. Anyway, I was trying to change the name to Home | Toothpick, but it constantly changed back for some reason. One day, I had enough of it, and I decided to make a new page and copy everything from the original home into the new page. And then, I deleted the old home page.

Quick Update: Even doing all the work to make a blank page into the new home page didn't work. It's still Home | Rei Hiromi. I wished I had kept the old home page.

The original home page had everything on it for the mobile site, but since I deleted it and made a new page it's home, I need to fix it. However, I don't know what I had on the mobile page, and nothing I am doing right now is fixing the page either. I am so sad right now, and it's 3 in the morning, and I don't want to fix this right now. Maybe when I sleep and wake up later today, I can have a fresher mind for this. But I still want to fix this now when I still have the energy. I'll update here when I fix it... maybe.

Update 1: I have an idea to fix this issue, but it is not working. I'm trying to add a Header to the front page, but for whatever reason, it's not letting me add it.

Update 2: Alright, I couldn't figure it out, and I am getting tired. It's already 3:49 am now, I'm ready for bed, but I don't want to leave it blank for the mobile users. So, I put a bandaid over this problem until I could return to it again. A button under the title's name will lead to the blog. From there, you will see the Header and be able to go to the other pages. Also, I fixed some other stuff, like the colors of some words and icons. I am using a dark widget that force pages to go into dark mode, and sometimes the words and icons are inverted. I'll be on the watch for that, but it seems like everything is alright for now... Hopefully.

See you later,

- Toothpick

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