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What's Writing Like (Book Cover).jpg

What's Writing Like

Created: February 24, 2024

Posted: April 6, 2024

#Shorts #Kind-of-Wholesome

A short story of how my mind is like when I write.


Blue Moon [Final Draft] (Bookcover) (2).jpg

Blue Moon

Created: Mid 2023

Posted: March 9, 2024

#Shorts #Lite-Horror #Dream-like

A small short horror story I made for a supernatural event on a discord I was in.


Tower of Short Stories (Book Cover).jpg

The Tower of Short Stories

What was supposed to be, wasn't. An empty line that mocks creation. Why did I create it? What was the point of it? It doesn't matter; this tower will never hold anything insignificant.


Past Echoes (Book Cover) (For Lulu).png

Past Echoes

This is the first published story that I made in high school. It is a collection of past thoughts and spiritual symbolism about my life during and out of high school. It's rough at the start, but it will get better during the end.

There is nothing here

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