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Post 22

Hi :) Not a lot has been worked on during these two weeks. I had more energy working on The Slayers campaign than Waste of Time, so for now, I am just going to stick to focusing on that. Other than that, my weeks have been tiring from work, and today, I want to relax for a bit. There are some updates I made towards the site. Some website things I am shelving are tags and subpages (where the more info link takes you — which I am taking off, too). It took too much time to post stuff when I had to create a new page, and adding tags was kind of the same. I am trying to save time on posting so I can get back to the meat and potatoes of writing. But, yeah, that’s it. I hope you guys had a great two weeks, and I will write to you soon.

Bye bye,

-Toothpick Writer

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