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Post 23

Hello there. Another two weeks are gone and I have been working towards making a campaign for my friends to play. Though this one is going to be different to The Slayers because I scrapped that one. The Slayers campaign got too heavily into lore and I saw that I was building a world from top down— meaning I was about to spend too much time making the world than playing in it. I found a new strategy. After I cried myself to sleep after realizing all the months work on the Slayer was going in the trash, I read a book called Return of The Lazy Dungeon Master, and learned a lot from it. One of the things I learned was Reskinning. Skinning the Re of worlds and maps and adventures into my own. I’m going to use most of the formulas and checklists that the book gives me into my own games. Hopefully, when I run the game, it will be a lot easier. But we will see. As long as I get to prepare it and not dance around with ideas and go nowhere. Or maybe I will do that too. We will see. I might record the game, but I am on the fence about it. There is already so much I can focus on, and recording seems like another pile onto my already overloaded brain. But it would be easy to just press a button and record the absurdity of my friend roleplaying. I am unsure. It would be funny. I have just been feeling like I have no time for things. Guess that’s what my parents have been telling me my whole life about adulting. Guess we don’t have time for anything but work and studying. Not a whole lot of play. I’m probably overthinking this. There is plenty of time. And none of that is wasted. Even on the worst days. We learn, we better ourselves, we move on, and especially we laugh and create. I want to bring laughter and create awesome things. That’s why I am writing. That’s why I still give my best effort. It might not land perfectly or not land at all, but I am still doing it. I may not share most of my stories due to my perfectionist, but I push myself everyday to share. To share the imperfect. Because life isn’t perfect. And that is okay. It is okay.

Anyways, I hope you have a good day today. Take care. :)


-Toothpick Writer

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