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Updated: Jan 27

The story I’ve been focusing on:

  1. Waste of Time

Stories I'm interested in working on next:

  1. Blue Moon

  2. Dine Royal or Royally Die

  3. World of Nonsense

  4. The Dream

  5. This is Awkward


  1. Lisa: The Powerful

  2. Weirdos

  3. Touch Grass

  4. Small Guns Rampage

  5. Kingdom of Ruin

  6. Box Cutter

  7. Snapshot Mirror

  8. I.C.U.

  9. Hopeless and Unlikely

  10. Everything is going to be fine

  11. A Spartan named G

  12. The Greatest Journalist/Detective and His Colorful Sidekick Duck

  13. Office Mania

Other projects

  • Wasteland's Drools (Campaign)

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Updated: Jan 27

Things I have taken out of the website:

  • Characters page

  • Favorites page

Things I have added to the website:

  • Tags for updates

  • New project pages

Blog categories deleted:

  • Spotlight (sponsored section: a place where I can showcase other small artist)

  • Favorite (all my favorite media)

  • Vedgies (my media intake list)

  • Drafts (my story drafts)

  • Ideas (I might share my random ideas on discord)

I deleted a lot of things from the website because it was too much stuff to focus on while I had work and school.

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Hey there, sorry for being late; life has gotten busier each day. There have been a lot of things in the website I added— and then immediately deleted because it was getting too much for me to handle. I wanted to add some cool stuff to the site, but as I started noticing how late I got with these blog posts and updates, I questioned whether it was good to add more when I didn't have a solid foundation. Heck! I don't even have a solid fanbase. For all I know, I'm just a craze/lonely man throwing words into the sea of the internet, hoping for a nibble. I've been putting a lot on my plate for nothing right now, and I want to make this site, this hobby, more manageable. So, I am cutting out a lot of things to make it easier to work on my blog and my stories. I am making the blog smaller so I can make it easier for me to manage it. I will try— no promises— to focus on one story so I CAN FRE-CKIN POST ONE! I need to post something bad. I need the world to see the crap I make in the back/nasty corner of my room. Please, God! Anyway, expect some small website and story updates pretty soon. Hopefully, I can post a crumb of a story on this website. I got stuff; I just need to refine it and post it.

Till then,

See yuh,


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